lemon whoopie pie

whoops…. whoopie pie homework (LBT 6#)

June 11, 2011 under LBT, cake

when the hosts in LBT announced that our 6th homework is going to be whoopiePies, and explain the texture of the pie,  i have a strong feeling that i’ve made it before… …

yup, without realizing it, i’ve made one here.

but without any filling, becoz i thought i was making banana cookies.. heheheh.

unfortunately, i can not just submit the previous banana cookies photos as my homework, since they are not completed with cream filling..

thus, i make the original version again from scratch.

chocolate flavour, ofcourse..

but then, again, i didn’t fill it with anything, since i was suddenly getting busy with my kids.. and so, we’re eating it just like that.. hehehehe. anyway, not really satisfied with how it turned out, shape wise i mean… the taste was already yummy..

my Whoopsies weren’t that pretty. they look a bit too big and bulky for a sandwich. can’t barely fit my mouth. -_____-  i guess i have to make the second trial..

so i still haven’t done my homework..

next time i make it, i’m gonna try making it very small. so that we can eat it in 1-2 munches.. that should do it.


and finally the time has come.

today after kicking my popo several time, i’ve finally grab the mixer again. have some whoop-ing to do.

i think it would be a waste to not use the time for trying new recipe.

so again, another new recipe for mr.whoopster.

(gendut)Lemon Whoopie Pie

i still not able to make it flat. -___- oh well, that way it can represent me perfectly.. hihihi.

i like the taste better as a cake than as Whoopies.. it only need 1 egg, yet it can feed the whole family.. it tastes soft and light.. hmmmmm

i’m gonna keep the recipe.

another new recipe has been found, and the homework is now done.

salam LBT.

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