velvet cake

June 22, 2011 under cake

i tried this velvee recipe from a very cute blog.

(it’s amazing how many yummy cute looking foodie blogs there are.. it makes me drool..and makes my computer tabs full!!! i wanna save them all! heheheh..i wonder if one day i can make my blog cuter like theirs.. *fired up*)

the very reason why i wanted try this recipe is because she said the recipe is hereditary.

hereditary recipe is always tempting.. a recipe that transfered from generation to generation. so the “ooh” and “aaahhh” will be eternally there.. :)


this is my  first time ever making velvet cake. so i dunno if i made it rite or not.. but the taste is surely yummy… here, have a bite..

next time i’m gonna try the rolled velved cake one..the rolled cake look sooo pretty in pink..

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