too many updates

September 18, 2012 under chit chat ^_^

nuha is an elementary school kid now,

Nalea moves to different school, because :

we all move to different city, ..because :

papao got a new job.. alhamdulillah..


but the moving was happening while bun and kiddoz were in Indonesia.. so papao have to deal with all the packing, appartement hunting, registration, etc, etc..

and papao did all that while fasting Ramadhan n starting work in a new company… bravoooo papao !!!


sooo… here we are. 3 weeks after back from indonesia. still trying to adapt in the new environment.

still busy with all unpacking and cleaning up..

with a bigger tummy now. little Mipao (mini papao) is due to 30th October.

preparing the birth, and preparing new nest.. feels like bunbun is racing with time..


mini update should do it for now.. no time for detaily stuff yet. not even for Photo..

oh well..


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2 Responses to "too many updates"

  • Hesti HH says:

    Yeaaayyy…selamat ya Bunbun for new jobnya Papao, ikutan happy. Eh kirain Manda masih di Indo dan mau ngelahirin di sana ternya enggak toh. Masih di Jerman ya?? Gut lak kalo begitu. Semoga semua urusan pindahan lancar, sekolah anak anak lancar dan yang penting lahirannya lancar. Ditunggu kabar gembiranya yaaa *udah gak sabar*

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