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October 27, 2011 under chit chat ^_^, kiddiez

this foto is taken on the last day of school before the school break. Nalea’s first on stage act with her Choir group (she was very xcited)… it was around 2 weeks ago.

yup.. the 2 weeks  Herbst Ferien (autumn holiday) is almost ending. in only 3 days, Nalea will go back to the school routine.

this is not looking good.

i was planning on doing fun things each day with my princesses, yet the time just gone by without me noticing it. Noooooo!!!!.. *dramatic pose*


so here is new idea..

lately, my plan on doing things with those kiddoz seemed to have failed miserably. be it doing craft, baking together, learning, going out, exploring new stuff together. ….
FLoP!! everything not hoing according to the plan.

this can not continue.

sooo, last nite I got a simple idea.

the key is, to make it not too much, but continueingly (there’s no such word.. what i meant was we do it continuesly.. or something like that)

i’m gonna make it every 16.°°  everyday.

monday       —–> special learning day
tuesday        —–> basteln day (craft)
wednesday —–> reading day
thursday      —–> baking day
friday              —–> family outdoor day

the duration doesn’t even have to be long. but this way, it’s going to make it easier for planning what we should do on that day.

ofcourse, each day we would still be learning numbers and alphabets and iqra.



this mission will start insyaAllah next week.  >_< i hope it’ll be going well..

semangaaaattt !!

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