mini doll cake

mini doll cupcakes (activity with kids)

November 3, 2011 under activity with kids, chit chat ^_^, cup cake, kiddiez


i’m veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery tired.

i’m still not done with cleaning up, the apartment looks even messier now (how can that actually possible? *cry*).

but a promise is a promise, and i have to show the kids, that i am a man (woman) of his (her) words.

thursday is baking day. so i said.. -__– our schedule is written and hung on the wall now. and Nalea can read already. so there’s no escape..
I was in the middle of preparing to bake bread, when Nalea said :”Bundaaaa… today is Baking dayyyyy.. yayyyyyy^^!!”



so while actually my original idea was to make cupcake in a cone,.. the kiddoz’ eyes were focused on the barbie cake in the monitor.

ofcourse.. -__-

in the end we settled for mini doll cake. cupcakes are more reasonable, i thought. it will not be too much to eat. :)

i’m using a very simple cupcake recipe. this cupcake is very easy and quick to make, and it tastes nice, too.
i got it from rinarinso’s kitchen.

when the cupcakes were in the oven, i started preparing the dolls. i wrap them with clingwrap, so they wouldn’t get sticky and dirty. and it’s also more hygenic that way. .. after the cuppies are done, we make holes in the middle, and put it upside down. note that this cupcake is very fragile.. i have to be xtra carefull with the hole making.. if it’s kaputt, the mini doll will not have anything to wear.. we don’t want that.

so next step will look somehow like this :

and then… cream them the dress, kids..^^

and this is how their masterpiece look :

and now……

i’m gonna take me a loooooong nap. before cleaning my messy kitchen *cry*

one project, done.


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