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milk bread with thangzhong methode

October 9, 2011 under bread, chit chat ^_^

yippiiiiieeee.. i finally stole some time to make this bread. after seeing this in Kirbie’sCraving, i know i just have to try it.

first of all, i’m curious about this methode : thang Zhong. cooking the flour with water. and then make the bread like usual.. it’s interesting!

“must… try…. must… try…. must ….. try… “

before i get kaputt from all the curiousity… i decide to mess up the kitchen that mr.bear has cleaned (my herooo ^^), and fight with dough!! ahhh….. talking about meditation..

my oh my, did it worth the fight.

the bread turned out to be sooo soft and yummy.. my whole family love it!! i’m sooo happy. ^^

i will post the recipe tomorrow, coz of the heavy eyes…

“must… sleep.. must…sleep..”

but!!!  i will give review first.

five stars for this bread.. coz its’ oh-so-fluffy-ness.  this is the first time i make white bread that taste like the storebought one.. the fluffy and soft one, not the dry one..

love it.

nite bread… see u tomorrow in the kiddies lunch box..




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2 Responses to "milk bread with thangzhong methode"

  • Hesti HH says:

    Canteeeeeeek….and udah pasti lembut ya. Aku dah pernah coba metode ini tapi dengan wholemeal flour jadinya empuk tapi kayaknya lebih empuk kalo white bread deh kayak punya Bunbun…jadi pingin coba juga…

  • bunbun says:

    hai mbak hess… hehehe.. aku malah pengen nyobain versi tepung gandum nyaa.. ditambah biji2an .. selalu pengen nyoba bikin roti gandum.

    kalo gitu kita gantian nyoba yuk.. aku nyoba yang gandum, mbak hes nyoba yang white bread.. hehehehe.

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