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mascarpone brownies the remake

November 1, 2011 under cake

oohhhhh lala. something chocolatey.
needs so desperately.


after rejecting the instant cake mix that my hubby suggested the other night, my craving for chocolatey cake is getting even worse now. plus i wanna show to cake cake mix that it is worth it to bake from scratch.
sooooo… the choice goes to mascarpone brownies that i once made.

i vaguely remember the taste, but i do remember how i ended up liking it.

we need :

and it’s quite easy to make as well. no mixer needed. just the good ol’ wooden spatula… stir them chocolatey dough well.. yummmmm!!


my only mistake was, i cut it before i have stored it in the fridge. only to know later on, after Fridge (AF) is waaaaaaaaaay better than before fridge (BF).

i should’ve took  some fotos of the AF Cake.

trust me, after u shower the brownies with the ganache, — just cool it a bit, close it with alumunium foil, and let it stay the night in the refrigerator, … thennn…
slice it thin… and theeeeeeennn…

this is after the fridge look

NOMM!! munch munch munch …

there, it’s gonna satisfy your chocolate need..

*source : recipe girl

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