for the love of donuts..

October 5, 2011 under bread, kiddiez

i actually was planning on making donut with caramel glaze.. been trying to find the right time for making this selfmade caramel (and her caramel frosting, too).

i was dreaming that it would go sooo perfect together.

but again, the cold got me.

in the end i could only manage to fry the doughnuts, and skip caramel frosting to next time….

as usual, mbak Hesti’s sweet bread recipe is what i will choose. i’m not sure that i put it here already.
eniwei, this is what u’re gonna need, if u wanna make it too..

400gr hi protein flour

200gr flour

10 gr yeast

125 gr sugar

3 egg yolks

300 ml warm milk

75 gr margarine

1 tsp salt

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2 Responses to "for the love of donuts.."

  • Hesti HH says:

    Waaaah lagi sakit Bun? Perlu banyak istirahat kayaknya. Semoga lekas sembuh ya….
    Btw the picture is very funny…smart idea!!! Was she crying??

    • bunbun says:

      hehehe, lagi muter2 virusnya di rumah, mbak Hes… jadi aja gantian terus.. :D

      Nara chan was being silly with donuts as glasses.. hihihihi.. don’t know where she got that silly gen .. hmmmm.. must be the father. :D

      makasih doanya yaaa, mbakkuu..

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