dear Papao…

May 18, 2012 under Uncategorized

it’s a very mixed feelings.

i’m happy that i’m going to meet my family after almost two years not seeing them.

but on the other hand, this separation feels so painfull.

gonna miss you too much.

please take care of yourself, yaaaa?

eat healthy food  ,

don’t drive crazily  ,

take some “me-time”  ,

learn a lot  ,

pray a lot,

and…… semangat..

i’m gonna pray for you

that Allah will protect u,

give u strength

bless u with health

and keep your kind heart warm with love



your woomie

i luv u
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One Response to "dear Papao…"

  • Hesti HH says:

    Haduuuuh Bun, ikutan sedih deh aku. Tapi selalu mendoakan yang terbaik untukmu dan keluarga ya. Semoga Papao dan womie serta little bear selalu sehat dan dalam lindungan Allah. Pokoknya semua yang terbaik tuk Bunbun dan keluarga yaaa…

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