May 1, 2011 under chit chat ^_^

ya Rabb..

i feel like crying. crying all the  time..

i feel all the complexes i’ve buried inside, haven’t been buried deep enough.

i feel like i’m trying to open up to quick..

i feel like a ticking bomb..

i feel like i don’t know with whom i shall talk to..

i should’ve talk to You, since the beginning.

i should remember You… all the time..

then only You can take the pain away.

only You could sent warmth and peace to our heart..


Ya Rabb..

forgive me for wanting to cry, just a tad longer.

for i am only a weak being.

need to let go some tears, so it wudn’t weight so much anymore..

I know You don’t like something that is too much,

so i’d try to make it as effective as i can..


please always make me sincere, Ya Rabb..

make me only doing things in Your name..

only then, i know i have nothing to lose.



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