chewing gymnastic

May 6, 2011 under chit chat ^_^, trial error

what exactly the first thing pops to your mind when u read the title?

for me, it would mean:

wanting to make cenil, but turns out i’ve  poured too much water in to the tapioca flour+ and ran out of tapioca flour  +  so adding some glutinous rice flour and normal flour  +  and continue mixing it all  +  and then boiled it  +  to chew  it afterward with a lot of effort!!!!!!

chew chew chew

chew chew

chew chew

chew chew

chew chew….
chewing alllllll the way…


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2 Responses to "chewing gymnastic"

  • ALice says:

    bwahahahahaha… i always love ur posting, just like ur unique blog, ur posting is always unique too :P

    • woomie says:

      :) jadi blushing aku mbak.. hihihi..
      yaa begitulahhh.. trial2 error ku mencoba dan mencobi.. kebanyakan yang gagalnyaa.. :D

      tapi dari situlah tau mana yang gagall.. hahahahahahha..

      thank u for your visit.. :)

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