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cheesy bites

August 19, 2011 under kue kering / cookies

munch munch munchhhhhh!!!

finally, my craving has been paid..

for so many days i’ve dreamed about this crunchy..cheesy…yummy…. the one and only… —-> Kaastengel (not so sure about the spelling)!!

this cookies is a regular guest in my mom’s Kitchen back in the House..
At least every Ramadhan, the cheese scent would fill the room and tempted anyone to kidnapped one jar-fresh from the oven- cookies..

this Ramadhan though, i can not really take a sniff of the yummy smell coz sadly i live another continent away from my mom.. *cry*

but i ain’t gonna give up.

so i waited until mr.bear is in Holiday, and have my own personal assistant to assist me..

ofcourse his chubby fingers can not really be used for molding or spreading cheese… but, taking care of the oven and spreading the yolk in quite a help anyway..

thank u hubbyyyyy.. ^^

i’m inlove with how it turned out.

it brings my mommy closer to me. and it brings my weight closer to me, too.. hehehehehe.

love the cheese, love the crunchiness, love the taste..

munch Munch Munch.

here’s the recipe if u want to try as well.. emhhhhh… *can not stop munching*

happy fasting, people!!!

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