“THE” pizza

September 19, 2011 under bread, pizza

alhamdulillaaaahh.. i finally found it.. “the” pizza i’ve been looking for. the simple but delicious vendor style pizza.. yaaaaayyyy!!!

so touched..

i don’t even care if it sounded too much,… i’m really happy.

got myself kisses from my chubbybears because of this.. *chuuu*

so i’m convinced that this recipe definitely needs a posting here..

oh, and one thing i like the most, is that eventhough this pizza doesnt need eggyolk, the bread still so fluffy and soft.. mmmhhh.. yummmmy..

–mammamiaaa … PiZzA LezaaaToo… —

mix together in a big bowl:

1 cup of warm water

2 tbsp sugar

2,5  tsp instant yeast  (1 pack)

set aside a few minutes until it gets foamy, then add :

2 tbsp butter (melt it)


3 cups bread flour (i used 2 cups of 550 and 1 cup of 1050 plus more flour so it doesn’t get sticky)

continue kneading with the help of bread mixer(hook attachment), until the dough is smooth and elastic. then, put the dough in a greased bowl, cover with saran wrap or a damp towel, and set in a warm area for about an hour, or until doubled.

the dough is then, ready to use.

i used 2 different topping for the pizza this time.. mine was chilli corn tuna pizza, and for the girls and hubby i made it with meat and cheese (and ofcourse, mushroom,onion, corn, paprika)

but i can taste the difference with the topping, since i’m using napoli sauce for this one.i also put 2 different  cheese,.. mozzarella for under and gratin cheese for topping.

satisfaction guaranteed!!! (insyaAllah :) )

this is saturday night, and bunbun reporting while ..munch munch munch...

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