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August 9, 2011 under ikan

coz  i find it not so easy to make a big time to write in the blog lately. no  to mention baking.. *i miss blogging and baking.. -______- *

anyway, inspired by mbak hesti’s cooking, i add sauce too, to my fried fish. hehehehe.
originally this fish supposed to be eaten with sweet and sour sauce.  but, our family like to eat it just like that. plain fried-with-maizena- fish.
but yesterday, i forgot to put in some salt, hence the fish taste like nothing.. hehehehe. the sauce is needed here.

so i whipped in garlic, onion, oystersauce, tomato sauce, sesame oil, water, and cornstarch to thickened it.
like usual, without measurement.. x)
and it taste great.. hmmmm… thanks mb hesti, for the great recipe always.. next from your blog : corn soup.. yummyyyyy!!

happy fasting everyone..

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