activity with kids : bread painting

October 11, 2011 under activity with kids, crafty stuff, kiddiez

i was saved by this idea i found in internet.

for like 3 days. yesterday, the wheather wasn’t very friendly, so my kiddoz can not play outside and run freely using their “energizer” energy. they had to stay at home all the time, and eventually they starting to get bored and so they keep on having weird arguments and fights..

this will win me half an hour to make them excited.. well, the painting it self will only be like 2 minutes top. but the euphoria afterwards, usually stays a bit longer. :D

it’s an easy peasy thing.

u just need to mix milk with several food colouring, and brush it to bread surface, then toast it.

the children will got colourful bread, they will be happy, and i can continue doing my work, in peace..

the taste was bit on the plain side. maybe next time i will try to add sugar to the milk.. i don’t know though if it’s good for the toaster. hmm.. or maybe put some honey on the toasted bread. that’ll do it.

-bunbun’s reporting with love-

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hu’s there?

January 31, 2011 under crafty stuff

introducing my new friend, who keep me companied during my tea and manga session (yes, i still read mangas)..

here she is with mugster (the mug monster), they r best friends..

thank u for always be there, during nights i can not sleep to company me, my nite-friend..
love u..

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