activity with kids : making bolu kukus

Nalea is being a lil’ sad today.. so we try cheering her up a bit by making her making this cemilcemil..

they were having a lot of fun making this.. i’m having all the fun cleaning after.. hehehe.. no, really. it was really fun.

messy yes, …but fun. ^^

there it goes, the cutest smile is now back again..  “munch munch”

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activity with kids : making papercup lion

December 7, 2011 under activity with kids, chit chat ^_^, kiddiez

basteln day is here again and this time he brings me a new friend : the cold. -____-

headache+sneezing+feeling cold…. i just wanna take paracetamol, lay down under the thick blanket, and sleep.
but those puppies’ eyes keep on looking at me…. oh, what to do..

suddenly i remembered one easy simple thing to make.

ofcourse!! papercup lion.. it’s fun but still easy to make.. yayyy..

basteln day—-> checked! now time for sleep..


*originally posted on 6.12.2012*

we also made a birthday card for a lion’s fans that soon having his birthday.

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post !!

December 2, 2011 under chit chat ^_^

udah lamaaaa gak posting.. keduluan  deh sama pak pos..

ihhh.. senengnya kalo nerima paket. rasanya tuh kayak gimanaaa gitu. hehe.
melihat paket kotak coklat bertuliskan namaku… dag dig dug.. dibuka isinya.. makin dag dig dug, soalnya harta karunnya dilapisin sama kertas2 koran..


ada apakah dibalik kertas2 koran itu?

they really came!! mangga harum manis, cintaku pujaanku.. hahahahahah.

udah lamaaaa banget gak makan yang satu ini. kangennn..

makasih yaaaa kak Feza yang udah berbaik hati ngirim ini.. hiks.. terharu sekali..

sekarang tak ada waktu utk ngetik yang lama. fokusnya bener2 teralihkan ke si harum yang mejeng di meja makan.

too excited to post. hihi..

arigatou, ne..

and now.. ….

guten Appetitooo..

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thank u God

November 15, 2011 under chit chat ^_^, kiddiez

bun : (while feeling so gemes and kuwel2 nalea ) “kakak Naleaaa.. u were so small back then, and now you’re already so tall. my baby is no longer a baby.. :’(”

nalea : “but, bundaa.. i don’t wanna be small anymore. ”

bun : ” :( (kangen baby Nalea)

nalea : “i wanna be a grown up, so i can do something for u.. ”

bun : (surprised with the sweet answer) “kakaaaaaakkk….” *kuwel2 nalea lagi*


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mini doll cake

mini doll cupcakes (activity with kids)

November 3, 2011 under activity with kids, chit chat ^_^, cup cake, kiddiez


i’m veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery tired.

i’m still not done with cleaning up, the apartment looks even messier now (how can that actually possible? *cry*).

but a promise is a promise, and i have to show the kids, that i am a man (woman) of his (her) words.

thursday is baking day. so i said.. -__– our schedule is written and hung on the wall now. and Nalea can read already. so there’s no escape..
I was in the middle of preparing to bake bread, when Nalea said :”Bundaaaa… today is Baking dayyyyy.. yayyyyyy^^!!”



so while actually my original idea was to make cupcake in a cone,.. the kiddoz’ eyes were focused on the barbie cake in the monitor.

ofcourse.. -__-

in the end we settled for mini doll cake. cupcakes are more reasonable, i thought. it will not be too much to eat. :)

i’m using a very simple cupcake recipe. this cupcake is very easy and quick to make, and it tastes nice, too.
i got it from rinarinso’s kitchen.

when the cupcakes were in the oven, i started preparing the dolls. i wrap them with clingwrap, so they wouldn’t get sticky and dirty. and it’s also more hygenic that way. .. after the cuppies are done, we make holes in the middle, and put it upside down. note that this cupcake is very fragile.. i have to be xtra carefull with the hole making.. if it’s kaputt, the mini doll will not have anything to wear.. we don’t want that.

so next step will look somehow like this :

and then… cream them the dress, kids..^^

and this is how their masterpiece look :

and now……

i’m gonna take me a loooooong nap. before cleaning my messy kitchen *cry*

one project, done.


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the invasion

it’s my birthday #the report#

November 1, 2011 under chit chat ^_^

i had very peacefull birthday on October 18th.. it was Tuesday, mr.Bear take a special day off from work, the kids were on autumn holiday, …there i was.. lazy ing lying down, doesn’t have to do a single thing.

yes i noticed how chaotic everything were at home.. but on that day, i can afford not to care.
i even got a cake (chiffon chocolate cake, mind u) made with love (i hope) by Mr.Bear and his troops (the minis).

hhh.. *heaven*


and i thought i was free from any surprise revenge this year, considering how many “sins” i make making all those surprises, i was quite making my way out..

untillll… the invasion comes..

that Saturday, the gang and i planned to visit chocolateFactory near where I live. so we planned to meet at my apartment at 11 in the morning..

so there i was,.. saturday morning, still comfortable in my pyjama,  and then Mr.Bear suddenly hurry me to get ready to go to supermarket.. it was still 8 something.. so i don’t understand the rushing.

well.. the next thing i hear was a door bell, followed by my beloved friends behind it,.. saying loud and clear “ÜBERASCHUNGGGGG!!” … ….

i was… i was still in my pyjama.

speechless. touched. surprised. …… and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!

i feel like hugging them all. so tight. one by one..

but on the other side, i feel like i still can not believe this is happening. the revenge is happening.. hihihihi.

so we ended up having breakfast together.. funnnnn!! ^___^  they all sooo well prepared, bringing bread and co. yaaayyy!!! fooodddd!! me likey. ^^

i even got some presents.. and they are packed very cute..


i love u guys.. thank u sooo much for the breakfast invasion. for every bread, jam, eggs, rice, … for aaall the foods u all bring that day, for all the presents and laughters, along with warmth that stays until today..

and oh yes, ofcourse we go to the chocolate factory in the end.

mbak Lusi treat me birthday cake (she bake for me toooo,.. birthday cake with bear shaped fondants… cuteeee!!)

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samsung galaxy note

samsung galaxy note

October 28, 2011 under chit chat ^_^


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new mission

October 27, 2011 under chit chat ^_^, kiddiez

this foto is taken on the last day of school before the school break. Nalea’s first on stage act with her Choir group (she was very xcited)… it was around 2 weeks ago.

yup.. the 2 weeks  Herbst Ferien (autumn holiday) is almost ending. in only 3 days, Nalea will go back to the school routine.

this is not looking good.

i was planning on doing fun things each day with my princesses, yet the time just gone by without me noticing it. Noooooo!!!!.. *dramatic pose*


so here is new idea..

lately, my plan on doing things with those kiddoz seemed to have failed miserably. be it doing craft, baking together, learning, going out, exploring new stuff together. ….
FLoP!! everything not hoing according to the plan.

this can not continue.

sooo, last nite I got a simple idea.

the key is, to make it not too much, but continueingly (there’s no such word.. what i meant was we do it continuesly.. or something like that)

i’m gonna make it every 16.°°  everyday.

monday       —–> special learning day
tuesday        —–> basteln day (craft)
wednesday —–> reading day
thursday      —–> baking day
friday              —–> family outdoor day

the duration doesn’t even have to be long. but this way, it’s going to make it easier for planning what we should do on that day.

ofcourse, each day we would still be learning numbers and alphabets and iqra.



this mission will start insyaAllah next week.  >_< i hope it’ll be going well..

semangaaaattt !!

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it’S my birthday

October 19, 2011 under chit chat ^_^

and i’m free to bake whatever i want.. yaaayyyy !! ^^

it would be a perfect day to bake, since my hubby has cleaned up every corner of the kitchen.

but… i just can not get my  feet to stand in front of mixer,

. lazy birthday girl .


my craving for a cake has paid well though. coz the chubby birthday fairies heard my wish and make it come true..

i might have heard some noises and whispers in the kitchen. *didn’t dare to peek*

and there it was on the table.. heart shaped chiffon chocolate cake, waiting to be nommed.


thank you chubby fairies.

me love the cake..

nom nom nom nom ..


very happy birthday girl

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activity with kids : bread painting

October 11, 2011 under activity with kids, crafty stuff, kiddiez

i was saved by this idea i found in internet.

for like 3 days. yesterday, the wheather wasn’t very friendly, so my kiddoz can not play outside and run freely using their “energizer” energy. they had to stay at home all the time, and eventually they starting to get bored and so they keep on having weird arguments and fights..

this will win me half an hour to make them excited.. well, the painting it self will only be like 2 minutes top. but the euphoria afterwards, usually stays a bit longer. :D

it’s an easy peasy thing.

u just need to mix milk with several food colouring, and brush it to bread surface, then toast it.

the children will got colourful bread, they will be happy, and i can continue doing my work, in peace..

the taste was bit on the plain side. maybe next time i will try to add sugar to the milk.. i don’t know though if it’s good for the toaster. hmm.. or maybe put some honey on the toasted bread. that’ll do it.

-bunbun’s reporting with love-

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