ayam ijo a.k.a miss my mom’s cooking

January 23, 2012 under ayam

i really miss my mom’s  home cooking. all the spicy foods she likes to make. mix between Sundanese and Aceh flavoured food..
*craving goes wild*

this dish is also one of my fav.   but this time, instead of my mom, i’m gonna be the one who make it. ayam hejo ala bunbun. tehehe..

it’s not complicated to make, it’s pedas,  it’s spicy (read : spaiseeeee), and it’s green so it must be good for the environment. go green !!!

masak ayam yang sudah digoreng setengah matang bersama bumbu2 yag dihaluskan plus dedaunan, cengkeh, dan kembang lawang. tambahkan air sampai menutup ayam. masak hingga air habis menguap.. :)

it’s my first time ever submitting post to Indonesian Food Party. sooo xcited X).. here we go,


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recipe Paff!

ayam bumbu pedas..

October 2, 2011 under ayam


just one week ago, i have this craving, the green chilli chicken from my favourit chef : La Mommy…

all this years, i never thought of making it by myself, coz i thought it could never beat the original.. but this time, i can not hold it any longer. even if it is not like the original, it’s more than enough.. ayam hijauuu, here i come..

well.. my green chilli chicken didn’t look green in the end, coz i couldn’t find any green tomatoes or green chilli.

it just look like any other indonesian style spicy chicken, but man did it taste closer to home.

i made a few adapatation other than the green ingredients that’s missing. instead of frying the chicken and fried it with the spices, i just cook the chicken instead with all the spices, and then bake it.
it was all happened because i was not concentrating while cooking. instead of frying the chicken, i just cook it with the spices..

but the taste was still yummy…

note to self : fry the chicken next time.. and make it more than 25 chillies..

bunbun’s reporting happily and satisfied.

*happy munching*

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