cake in jar pt.1

December 11, 2013 under LBT, cheese cake

When LBT hosts announce our homework for this month i was soooo happy.. cake in a jar is something that i always find cute and wanted to try fot a long time now.. i probabyl would have started even later if it’s not for this assignment.. hehehe..
i originally wanted to bake lava cake or tiramisu in jar, or something neapolitan-ish with cream that is so high looking tempting.
i wanted to try soo many things..


what happened was, i was too busy with being pregnant and going chasing my youngest Son (he crawled here and there very quick now), that i only have night time to bake, and was already too tired.
so in the end, i could only manage to do this homework with my first trial cake. u know, i wanted to know if the jar was really okay being baked in the oven, so i kinda baked my cheesecake in a jar, just to try how it went.
i didn’t even make it pretty coz i thought i would not even post it anyway.. hehehehe..


lil’ did i know that the cheesecake become my homework.

i used my usual recipe for monster cheesecake. it’s always a treat for the whole family. :)

hhh.. now i’ve done my homework.. let’s make some other experiments in the jar..

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