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March 15, 2013 under cake, chiffon cake

aghhh… kangennnnnn mosting2.. apalagi abis liat postingan yang lalu2.. tambah kangenn..
mo buka blog, seperti biasa.. lupa kata sandi.. hiyaaaaa..

akhirnya setelah berkutat lama depan laptop, sambil pok2 adek hanif yang udah mulai merem.. aku berhasil masuk.. yaaaayy!!

postingan kubuka lagi dengan (bismillah tentunya, dan..) cemilan kemarin sore..

lagi pengen yang nyiffon2, karena ngeliat foto2 hokkaido chiffon cake bertebaran di facebook page anggota LBT.. hiks..
(oiya, sejak adek hanif lahir, bunbun belum terdaftar lagi di keanggotaan LBT)
tapi gak usah yang hokkaido dulu deh.. yang deket aja dulu, di ujung mata terlihat 3 pisang lagi mejeng.

bananas,.. it’s your time to shine..

resepnya dari christine’S recipe.. the cake she makes always looks soooo tempting to try.. definitely a keeper.

i’m soo glad that my first chiffon trial after a while of bakingblue turned out to be great. alhamdulillah…

whisk yolk and sugar till smooth, add oil, milk, and smashed banana, continue whisking untill all dissolved into one.
put aside.

for the egg white :

beat egg white until bubble formed,

beat in the lemon juice and salt sprinkles,

beat the sugar in

continue beating until it has peak

do not eoverbeat

fold the eggwhite in to yolk batter with three steps at a time,

pour into non greased pan,

bake 160°C for about 30-40 minutes.

take out cake from the oven,

right away invert it on a cake gitter,

let it cool down completely before taking it from the pan.


the texture of the cake is so light and fluffy.

it’s not too sweet, too.

simply great.

happy munching!!

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