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ayam bumbu pedas..

October 2, 2011 under ayam


just one week ago, i have this craving, the green chilli chicken from my favourit chef : La Mommy…

all this years, i never thought of making it by myself, coz i thought it could never beat the original.. but this time, i can not hold it any longer. even if it is not like the original, it’s more than enough.. ayam hijauuu, here i come..

well.. my green chilli chicken didn’t look green in the end, coz i couldn’t find any green tomatoes or green chilli.

it just look like any other indonesian style spicy chicken, but man did it taste closer to home.

i made a few adapatation other than the green ingredients that’s missing. instead of frying the chicken and fried it with the spices, i just cook the chicken instead with all the spices, and then bake it.
it was all happened because i was not concentrating while cooking. instead of frying the chicken, i just cook it with the spices..

but the taste was still yummy…

note to self : fry the chicken next time.. and make it more than 25 chillies..

bunbun’s reporting happily and satisfied.

*happy munching*

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