activity with kids : making bolu kukus

Nalea is being a lil’ sad today.. so we try cheering her up a bit by making her making this cemilcemil..

they were having a lot of fun making this.. i’m having all the fun cleaning after.. hehehe.. no, really. it was really fun.

messy yes, …but fun. ^^

there it goes, the cutest smile is now back again..  “munch munch”

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2 Responses to "activity with kids : making bolu kukus"

  • hesti says:

    Wowww…BUn ini sih bukan nyengir lagi, tapi sukses ngakaknya. Cantiiikkk!!
    Gimana Nalea??? udah happy kaaaaan? thanks to mommy yang lincah dan kreatif…

    • bunbun says:

      hehehe… thanks to bolu nyengir yang bikin nalea ikut nyengir.. :D

      iya, aku seneng banget.. soalnya gak perlu pake cetakan bolong2 bikinnya. pake cetakan muffin biasa aja. *horeee*

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