what’s in the stove

“a young mommy that accidentally found a sanctuary place in front of the oven.. now wanting to learn more..”


- Sponge Cake
* my family birthday cake

- Butter cake
* Coffee cake

* Lemon Pound Cake

* Yoghurt Cake

* Velvet Cake

* Whoopie Pies

- Steamed Cake
* Brownies kukus Ny.Liem

* Bolu kukus santan Kara

* Bolu kukus strawberry

* Putu Ayu

- Traditional treats
* Putu Ayu

* Gambang

* bubur ketan hitam

- Cookies
* favourite chocolate cookies

* kue putri salju

* crunchy milk cookies

* apple oatmeal cookies

* banana cookies


* fluffy Donuts (4 yolks)

* pizza bread

* sweet Bun recipe = CinnamonRoll dough (3 yolks)

* Roti Goreng

* PiZza Muffin (eggless)

* sweet bun recipe (1egg+1yolk)

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